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The science of orthodontics has come a long way since the mid-1800s. Ever-advancing orthodontic technology means, children and adults need no longer dread the prospect of teeth realignment and their appearance during treatment. These days braces are smaller, more comfortable and are temporarily bonded directly to your teeth.

Today’s braces are discreet and non-intrusive. In fact, now more than ever kids and grown-ups alike are pursuing orthodontic treatment to not only achieve a healthy bite but a beautiful smile as well. Many are also realizing that better tooth alignment can reduce the likelihood of gum tissue infections, severe tooth wear and decay.

If you’re looking for quality orthodontic treatment in North Idaho, Ballard Orthodontics with offices in Bonners Ferry and Sandpoint offers an extensive range of braces to suit all orthodontic requirements and personal tastes: including self-ligating braces and Invisalign. For those with a sense of adventure, feel free to add colored elastics to all your braces and make your time in braces fun and exciting for you and all who see your smile.

How do we put your braces on?

DIBS AI braces install Sandpoint

You probably want to be in and out of braces as fast as you can. We get that! That's why we use a system called DIBS AI. It is the most advanced technology for moving teeth today.

Getting braces used to be a slow and painful process with doctors having to manually place and position each bracket one by one. Instead, DIBS AI shows the doctor a predicted outcome of what your teeth will look like, and then helps us place the brackets in the correct spot to shorten the time you have to be in braces. Then it creates trays so we can put your braces on exactly the right spot, and fast!

Different Types of Braces

There is now more variety when choosing metal braces than ever before. At Ballard Orthodontics, you will be guided in just the right one to efficiently move your teeth into more ideal locations.

Silver braces, made of high grade stainless steel, are probably the most popular option. In this category, there are two different choices; one that utilizes an elastic to hold the wires into the braces or one that uses a metal gate. The gated braces are the more efficient of the two and some believe the more comfortable option. In orthodontic jargon, the gated braces are called “self-ligating brackets.”

Warning Signs that You Need Braces

Some people choose to have orthodontic treatment to achieve cosmetic goals, but for many, braces are necessary for bite functionality reasons. Here are a few warning signs indicting you may need braces:

Bad breath and food sticking in your teeth.

Persistent or frequent bad breath and/or food regularly sticking between your teeth are signs of bacteria building up between crooked or crowded teeth. This may result in tooth decay and gum tissue infections. Braces can help to eliminate the irregularities accompanying crooked teeth that trap food and bacteria.

Your teeth appear to be too far apart.

Gaps or spacing between teeth can also hinder the performance of your bite, jaw and negatively affect chewing efficiency. This incorrect spacing is an issue commonly addressed with orthodontic treatment and when corrected improves smiles and overall self confidence. 

Poor Bite

When biting down, teeth should fit together. Having one jaw significantly in front of the other or having one jaw significantly narrower than the other or front teeth that do not meet together are all indicators of a poor bite and one that orthodontic treatment can address and correct. 

You have a lisp.

If there is noticeable lisp when speaking, it may be due to misaligned teeth. Braces can help to eliminate a lisp by properly aligning your teeth and jaw. And while not guaranteed to correct all speech issues, including lisps, you can be comforted knowing that whatever the speech issue is, tooth alignment won’t be an underlying problem.

Crowded teeth.

The most common issue addressed by the use of braces is crowding. Alignment of crowded teeth provides one of the most rewarding benefits from having orthodontic treatment, both visually and functionally. Whether it is bringing protruding canines into the correct location or aligning the crooked lower teeth, the benefits are well worth the time it takes. 

Get Your Smile Back with Ballard Orthodontics

If you’re looking for great orthodontic treatment, Ballard Orthodontics, with a wealth of experience and a reputation second to none, can assess any orthodontic condition and determine a customized treatment plan for you or your loved ones.  Our orthodontic services in Sandpoint and Bonners Ferry offer a comprehensive range of options for children and adults and because we care deeply about our patients, we will be delighted to help all achieve a beautiful smile.

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